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Kocho-chan by Wariatka963
Finally I have a piece of art to submit :D
This is a new WIP - Kocho-chan, she'll be one of my (planned) manga characters - the little sister of the main characters' best friend. For now I can just tell you, that she's about 13-14 years old, she's a great fan of basketball and football and also knows how to play both these sports pretty good (trained by her older brother and his friend ;) ). For now she is a student and lives with her mother and brother who work for their living, which is really hard but they are a good loving family and they mange somehow. I think I'll make her a good, cheerful and independent child, but I’m still working on her personality.
I hope you like her ^^
Wiewiora x3 by Wariatka963
Wiewiora x3
I coś dla mych rodaków - oto prawdziwa ksywka Wariatki963 "Wiewióra"  w wersji "autografu" dodana emotka "x3". I choć zgryzu gryzonia nie posiadam, a rudych kładków też mi brak tak się jakoś przyjęło i zostało ^^
Praca jest dość stara, albo z zeszłego roku (2014) albo z początku tego (2015), w każdym bądź razie widać niedociągnięcia i brak doświadczenia z cieńkopisami, ale nie jest źle, w końcu się nauczę nimi posługiwać :)
W sumie to kolejna praca, przy której jakoś specjalnie się nie strałam, a wyszła w miarę znośnie. Mam nadzieję, że się Wam podoba :3

Here's the real nickname of mine which in Polish means "Squirrel" with "x3" added when a sign my arts. Although I don't have rodent teeth nor ginger hair this nickname somehow came and stayed ^^
This work is quite old (end of 2014 or beginning of 2015) and you can clearly see the shortcomings and lack of experience with fine-tips, but it ain't that bad I think, I'll learn how to use them someday :)
In all this is another art which I haven't put much work into, still - hope you like it and the outcome doesn't bother you =P (Razz) 
WIP by Wariatka963
Been working on this one for a little while, but finally I've got the sketch done. I tell you more 'bout it when it comes to the finished work - hope you enjoy it Wink/Razz 
Drake by Wariatka963
This is my newest drawing and my first well done, self-thought character. I'm really proud of him, I've spent about a week working on this fella'. I know he might look a bit out of proportions, but it was really a indented effect - massive head and neck, but a rather thin body and arms.
What can I tell you 'bout him? Well... Basically he's the Alpha of a small pack of she-wolves (whom your gonna meet someday). He's more of a grumpy, hidden inside of himself guy with a short temper and eager to start up a fight, however he is very loyal and caring, but he shows it in a rather stiff way. He sometimes acts like a cold-hear-ted brute - killing with cold blood/in a drastic way... But he's quite emotional, he might not bother 'bout the one's he just slaughtered but his little pack is everything to him and he'd give his life for each of them if he had to. I can also say that he doesn't like males... Yeah, he DEFINITELY dose not like males ^^"
That's it for now, I thing you'll learn more 'bout him when the time comes - hope your interested... A least a bit XD 
One  body, three minds by Wariatka963
One body, three minds
So, finely I had time to submit my first art, after rearranging my profile and account  ^^
Unfortunately the photo is in quite bad shape and I had cut a bit of the drawing but I don't have this art with me anymore to take a better snap 'cause I have given it to a friend as a birthday present.
Well, you can't say that it is something special, just a scribble that didn't take much time to finish and I haven't put much work in that one too. The character on it is a nameless figure taken out from a nightmare. For now it dose nothing, means nothing... And basely I have to think a bit more about him and his past\future stuff.
Someday maybe I'll draw him again - if you want me to ;)

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FleerUp Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Masz devianta od dwóch, pierdzielonych lat...I NIC NIE MÓWIŁAŚ?! XD Nyan Kot i tak cię znalazł, Wiewióra!
Wariatka963 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
He... Hehe... He ^^"
No patrz, tak się jakoś złożyło XD
Shanol Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Thankies for stalking! :tighthug:
Wariatka963 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
Your welcome... Yeah, I know, I'm fast - replying on a message after... Over a year? ^^"
Geez, I'm sorry, I know it doesn't say anythin' good 'bout me, but I kinda stopped lookin' in hear, short after I became a member, sooo... That's why I'm replying know - 'cause I thought 'bout starting allover 'x3
Shanol Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Student General Artist
Ahh, it's all ok. I've already stopped to thank people for watching... Ugh, just because i have no time ;-; So you do not have to answer me either.

But thank you for the answer, it is always pleasant to receive a feedback.
Wariatka963 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015
No problem x3
If I find some time you will be able to see some of my new work here ^^
For sure it won't be as good as yours, cause I'm no artist, but... I have to start at some point, I hope you'll like it :3
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